The Definition of Family Fun

The other day whilst struggling through a gigantic pile of ironing, I was faced with the puppy dog eyes of my two children, pleading me to do something ‘fun’ with them. My response at the time was that I had too many jobs and that they’d have to amuse themselves. After a couple of moans and groans, they eventually went off in search of their own mini adventure. This got me thinking though. As much as they enjoy their clubs, lovely friends and independent play, how much ‘real’ fun do they get with me? If I think back, how often do I say ‘I’m too busy’? Probably more times than I’d care to admit.

It’s so easy to get swept away with the fast flow of life as a mother, that sometimes we can lose sight of what is really a priority. I’m all for my children learning to have alone time and play by themselves, but I’ve recently realised that throughout each day, they need pockets of special fun time with their mummy in which they have my sole undivided attention. I loved the article on Inspired To Action listing 101 simple yet enjoyable things to do with your child, which I would thoroughly recommend reading. With a mix of basic and inexpensive ideas, these activities are ideal for rekindling that bond with children of all ages. Perfect if you are finding that your time is flying by in a whirlwind of classes, playdates, chores and errands.

Daily Life Photography

I’ve picked my favourite 1o from the list below, which will help get us started…

1. Cook together

2. Dress up (mummy too!)

3. Write and send a letter to someone special

4. Visit and learn about things in the neighbourhood (fire station, police, museums, bakery, fishmongers, butchers etc)

5. One for autumn – rake leaves and jump in them (again, mummy too!)

6. PYO fruit and vegetables

7. Climb a tree

8. Have a family talent show

9. Draw a map and have a treasure hunt

10. Write a story together with illustrations too

On top of this, I’ve decided to begin a daily project where I’ll take a photograph during our ‘fun time’ and get the kids to help me put them into an album. As we were flicking through one of our old family photo albums the other day, I realised that my favourite ones were those that depicted our day-to-day life – natural and unstaged. These are the ones I will cherish most when my children have grown up.


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