Inspiring Mum: Penny Williams of Blush! Hair & Beauty

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could wake up everyday and be able to apply perfect make-up and tousle your hair into an enviable style. With a passion for hair and make-up, Penny followed her long-term dream when she had her first child and took the plunge in starting her own business. With a young baby in tow, I love how Penny’s inspiring interview shows that if you have a dream, it’s really worth taking the plunge as anything is possible… 

Penny Williams Blush Hair & Beauty

…My name is Penny Williams and I am a wife, mummy to 9 month old Noah and a makeup artist and hair stylist. I started my business, Blush! Beauty & Hair, a little over a year ago and am very excited to see it grow from strength to strength. It’s almost like having another baby!
1. What inspired you to start Blush! Beauty & Hair?

For four years I had been working as a primary school teacher, but the 70 hour working weeks (even in the holidays), the stress – both of teaching and not getting pregnant and the lack of a work/life balance were all taking their toll. I made the decision, after long discussions with my husband, to leave teaching and go back to what I had always loved – makeup and hair. And then immediately fell pregnant!

2. What would be a regular day in your working life?

Generally my jobs begin quite early in the morning, so I am up by 6am to get myself ready and feed Noah. I will then either leave him with his dad or take him to my mum, whose support and help with childcare has been invaluable, and travel to the location of the job – this could be a house, hotel, studio or open field! – to work my magic. Often I will then have a second place to be, especially during high wedding season, so I’ll grab something to eat, find somewhere to express some milk, clean my brushes and head off there. On my way home, I pick up Noah and make sure we spend some time playing or going for a walk before his dinner. My husband takes over on his return from work, doing bath and bed time while I put some washing on, make the dinner and have a quick tidy up and then we enjoy some ‘us’ time.

Penny Williams

3. What secret tips do you have on managing your time between family and work?

Don’t feel guilty! I think too many of us spend too much time feeling that we are neglecting work or family, meaning that we don’t make the most of the time that we do have together. I suppose I am lucky in that I had Noah at a time when my business was just beginning so I have enjoyed more time with him than if it was already established, but I do still feel frazzled on a regular basis and have some weeks when I am conscious that I have not spent as much time at home as I would have liked. I think the main thing for me is to not waste the time that we do have together, and my husband and I ensure that we schedule in date nights regularly to give us time together as a couple rather than just being Mummy and Daddy.

4. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I love the look on a bride’s face when she sees herself with makeup and hair finished on her wedding day. There have been many tears (hastily blotted with a tissue!), some of them mine!

Penny Williams 2

5. What would be a perfect family day for you?

In the morning we would head to the swimming pool in Rye for a splash around followed by a stroll around the town during morning nap time. After a picnic lunch in Alexandra Park, we would visit the aquarium in Hastings – it’s amazing seeing how overexcited Noah gets and how fascinated he is by all the different fish. In the evening, we would put Noah to bed and then get dressed up and go to our favourite restaurant, Claverton Country House, to enjoy a bottle of wine and the most perfect food.

6. If somebody wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?!

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